Tech recruiter, aiming for a diverse and inclusive team? Get tips and tricks from Techleap and Hubs

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Diverse teams are important for companies in tech: they develop digital solutions that are accessible or applicable to the widest possible audience. Techleap (with the aim of boosting the Dutch startup ecosystem) encourages its affiliated startups to recruit in a more diverse and inclusive way. How do they handle that? Marloes Mantel, Director Talent at Techleap, shares best practices and how they want to pursue the national ambition for more diverse teams.

While Techleap is urging the startups to take action, another Dutch success story is already shaping that desire for greater diversity and inclusivity. Recruitment Lead Marie Chaproniere from Hubs (former 3DHubs) will tell you how they approach this, what the road was and how you can implement it in your company.

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